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A walk in the mountains of northern Canada  reveals low growing fruiting plants adapted to the  subarctic climate. Some of these wild edibles included Crowberry ( Empetrum nigrum),  Bearberries ( Arctostaphylos spp), Arctic Blueberry ( Vaccinium spp),  Cloudberry, ( Rubus spp) ,  snowberry ( Gaultheria spp), as well as some other types of berries found at lower elevations. These wild edible berries are sweet to tart to the taste, are good for a topping on cereals, pastries as well as jams, jellies and  Preserves. Gathering of sufficient quantities will provide for a tasty mixed berry pie.

poison hemlock or (Conium spp) is sometimes mistaken for wild carrot ( Daucus carota). Wild carrot is  is edible while young and tender, while the alkaloid poisons from the poison hemlock can be lethal. Great caution should be taken to learn the differences between these two plants in order to clearly identify what is safe to eat. The wild carrot has a very pronounced carrot like odor, the young tender flowers can be sauteed or used as a garnish, the leaves are edible in smaller quantities and the very young roots can be cooked like ordinary carrots.

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