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About Nancy's World

Nancy's-world is a seller of nursing uniforms as well as a discount (liquidation stock) seller of survival, outdoor gear and homestead supplies. We also sell survival food and Nutraceuticals.


We will be selling custom as well as off the shelf cook books in our webstore in the future geared toward survival, outdoor and homestead cooking.


We also have plans for ( members only ) services for members of our site as well as online info in areas such as home canning, cooking, survival skills, gardening and homesteading.


We have many pages on Nancy's-world made available to our customers. These pages are set up as community self help pages. You will find pages on many interesting topics. The pages are intended as starting points, to stimulate interest and continued study. Each page is a summary discussing theory, opinion and fact mainly from 3rd party sources and it is the viewers responsibility to fully research & study the area of interest before drawing any conclusions. Please use these pages for what they are intended for. These are stepping stones for continued learning. It is our desire for our customers to do their own research and become well informed.

Nursing scrubs, special purchase, discontinued lines, liquidation stock and custom orders

Scrub Tops for men. A variety of styles and colors to choose from.

Homestead, Canning and Kitchen Supply.

special purchase, discontinued lines, liquidation stock

Firearms accessories, hunting, camping and outdoor gear.

News and current events chat pages

Members only section. Sign up for membership today !

Nursing and Healthcare Pages

Bushcraft and Outdoor Skills Chat pages

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