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Cattails being a very easy to identify plant with distinctive notable catkins from late spring threw fall, are a major wild food source as well as an overall useful utility plant. As a food plant it can be prepared in a wide variety of ways from eaten raw to boiled, roasted, in salads, baking flower from pollen, pancakes, cat cobs, muffins even sauteed .This plant is a good source of vitamins A, B, C phosphorus, and potassium. In harvesting this plant for food, It will be important to only collect cattails from clean, contaminated water and soil. It has been said that raw cattail shoots taste like cucumber, although i find them to be a bit more like okra. This plant also has many utilitarian uses, such as older outer leaves can be used for basket weaving and mats. The fluff can be used for stuffing pillows or insulation, the older stems can be used for improvised arrow shafts and mature fibers from the plant can be used to make simple cordage . This plant is like a foragers grocery store and hardware store all in one.
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