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Proper conditions for long term seed storage 


Proper conditions for long term seed

storage is vital.

At room temperature seeds can be

expected to last 2-3 years.

As the storage temperature is lowered

the seed storage life increases greatly.


32°      50 or more years


40°      20 - 25 years


50°      10 - 12 years


60°      6  - 10 years


75°      2  -  3 years


80°      1 year




Starting Your Garden

This is a general Guide to planting and raising vegetables from seeds.


Begin as early as possible
As early as possible in the growing season, prepare a list of the vegetables, you wish to grow.  Make a plan where in the garden you want to put your plants, take note of wind, shade, and sunlight conditions. Save the paper and add notes as your garden progresses.  Remove seeds from your seed storage according to your planed planting schedule.  Quickly maturing plants such as radishes, leaf lettuce, and other greens, can be planted early and late in the seasons for multiple harvests, this is sometimes called ( the fall garden). Fall gardens of hardy plants may be grown harvested up to the first fall frost, even later with protective structures.


Planting Time
plant your seeds at a time based on the category of plants.
Frost tender plants must be planted after the last spring frost or started indoors or in an enclosed protective structure.

Hardy plants can be started outdoors much earlier that other varieties of garden plants. These plants can also be grown late in the season, right up to the killing frost.


Be aware of your areas climate
Uses your local resources when available, local agricultural or university extension offices, garden supply outlets, nursery and or garden clubs as well as on-line sources. With this info you can now successful plan your garden from spring to fall.



 Last Frost Date Time Frame

Start indoors or in a protective structure then plant outdoors after the last frost


Chives, Garlic, Leeks, Onions,

10 - 12 weeks

Celery; parsley,

8 - 10 weeks

Eggplant, Peppers, (garden) huckleberry, Tomatoes,

6 - 8 weeks

Broccoli, collards, Cabbage, brussel sprouts, Cauliflower,

4 – 6 weeks

Cucumbers, Melons, Pumpkins, Squash,

2 – 4  weeks


starting plants outdoors (hardy plants)

 Last Frost Date Time Frame

Seed Potatoes,

4 – 6  weeks

Hardy leaf greens

4 – 6  weeks

Hardy root crops

2 – 4 weeks


1 week




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