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Electronic Bug Zapper






Electronic Insect zapper Kills annoying insects the first time on contact ,This lightweight racquet electrocutes insects instantaneously without having to clean up their remnants with your hands. The unique electric metal screen design zaps insects and captures their bodies until you tap or shake them free from the racquet head.


Just place 2 AA batteries inside the racquet handle and push the side on/off button to start ridding your environment of flies, mosquitoes, bees, moths, beetles, and other flying insects.


For adult use only.



The Electronic Insect zapper consists of:


• 18-inch plastic racquet, fully-assembled with 3 electrified metal screens measuring 7 ½ inches long x 5 ¾ inches wide

• On/off push button located on the side of the racquet handle

• Battery compartment requiring 2 AA batteries

• 3000 volts output voltage




• 18 ¼ inches long (from the top of the racquet to the bottom of the handle)

• 8 inches long x 6 ¾ inches wide (racquet head)

• 7 ½ inches long x 5 ¾ inches wide (electric metal screen)




• 5.5 oz


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